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SRA “SyncOnce” Error with SRM6 + HP StoreVirtual SRA

Just a quick one, i’ve had a bit of free time recently and I have built a lab to learn about VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.

In order to achieve this I needed a cheap/free virtual SAN solution which supported replication – HP StoreVirtual appliance to the rescue! You can store up to 1TB of data completely free (

I installed the lab and got it up and running, however when trying to run my recovery plan I receive the following error from the “synchronise storage” command:

SRA command 'syncOnce' failed


SRA command 'syncOnce' didn't return a response

After much troubleshooting the many moving parts of the solution, it turns out that my version of the Storage Replication Adapter, the latest from the VMware site ( was for version 12.5 of the LeftHand OS.. but my StoreVirtual instance, the latest from the HP site, was running LeftHand OS 12.6!

I quickly downloaded the latest file from the HP site ( and the problem went away. For reference, the file you’re looking for is as follows:

HPE StoreVirtual SRA for VMware SRM 5.0 (AX696-10591.exe)

It’s labelled for SRM 5.0 but it works fine for me with SRM 6.0

Hope this saves someone some time!